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Monday, September 24, 2001
Industry Q&A

September 17, 2001 Cover
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    The Net Economy launched September 2000, exclusively covering the business and technology of the communications networks and services that are creating the greatest economic revolution since the advent of the industrial age.

    The publication is aimed at network operators and service providers of all types, as they deploy high-speed, packet networks that mix data, voice, text, video and graphics to produce yet-to-be imagined services in everything from electronic commerce to entertainment to education to business data.

    The Net Economy is a controlled-circulation magazine of news and analysis, published by Ziff Davis Media and operated by an award-winning team of journalists that have been at the forefront of the transformation of traditional telephone, cable and other networks into advanced, interactive channels of communication.

    Based in New York, The Net Economy can be reached at 212-503-3500. Editor-in-Chief Carol Wilson can be reached at 847-933-0010, or carol_wilson@ziffdavis.com

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      IT Relief
    IT resources impacted by the Sept. 11, 2001 tragedy? Find help for your company or help others in the IT Relief Center.

    Genuity Independent Until At Least 2002
    Lucent Kills Core ATM Switch
    Virus Alert: Nimda is Spreading Fast
    Microsoft, eBay Lead Online Relief Efforts
    DOJ Brewing Expansive Anti-Terror Proposal

    THE TNE 100 
    The index for the networked world

    Paul Coe Clark III: HP’s Services Dilemma
    Carol Wilson: At the Speed of Light
    Paul Coe Clark III: Windows for the Dead
    Dawn Bushaus: Poisoned ASPs
    Jonathan Blum: Royal Payback

    Should Congress vote in September to let the Bells into long-distance data service?
    Yes indeedy — letting them in would speed the stalled rollout of broadband.
    Maybe — but we should force them to commit to universal DSL.
    Probably not — telco competition is not yet strong enough.
    No way in hell — the Bells have near-monopoly power and don’t need any more.



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