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Friday, February 1, 2002 




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The Net Economy: January 21, 2002
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    Services Section Header

    AT&T/Comcast: Mixed Signals
    The big cable merger would be an even bigger coup if IP-based cable telephony were ready to roll, but it isn’t

    The New Buddy System
    Outsourcing is getting serious traction within the service provider community

    Two-Way Radio Saves iDEN
    Despite being dismissed by its many critics, iDEN probably will remain a competitive wireless technology.

    Cable Goes Back to TV Land
    The Western Show had lots of IP telephony presence but no real deals.

    And the Bandwidth Played On
    Instant messaging, video, chat or e-mail. For network service providers, like ICG Communications, enhanced ISP services add up to one thing: more bandwidth.

    Internet Services Reinvented
    ISPs try to set themselves apart from the rest of the crowd with enhanced services.

    The Next Must-See TV?
    Advanced video services are finally showing signs of success.

    Where They Came From
    Wavelength services have been around since late 1999, when Williams Communications introduced them as an alternative to dark fiber.

    Will Wavelength Services Measure Up?
    Qwest’s outsourcing deal puts the spotlight on managed wavelength services.

    Four Big Takes on Web Services
    Here’s a look at how the major computer companies are approaching Web services.

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    EU Approves HP-Compaq Merger
    Solving the ‘mlife’ Mystery
    Don’t Touch that Dial
    Lucent Joins OCX Scrum
    Movie Studios Do Their Own HDTV

    THE TNE 100 
    The index for the networked world

    Carol Wilson: Can’t Get No Satisfaction
    Paul Coe Clark III: Powell’s ‘Slightly Bitter’ NextWave Deal
    Sarah Schmelling: Family Matters
    Tim Kridel: Time to Get Paid
    Dawn Bushaus: Good News from Qwest?

    What is the future of energy companies in telecom in the post-Enron era?
    Players like Dynegy still have a good shot at cracking the market.
    Some energy companies, needing to diversify and leveraging their rights of way, will make it.
    Chances are poor – shareholders will see telecom as an oversaturated market.
    Nil — The Enron scandal has tainted the pool.

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